This old problem seems to be coming back for no apparent reason.

Ice anglers head out onto the lake, spend the day there, and don't bring their trash off the lake with them. Left behind garbage is one of the biggest complaints conservation officers receive in the winter months.

When spring rolls around and the lakes thaw out, left behind garbage doesn't just disappear. It falls into the lake, polluting it, and putting the creatures that live there in harms way.


-Set an example for others, especially children, by not littering.
-Properly dispose of anything that could trap or hurt  wildlife.
-Keep a litter bag or trash container with you when travelling or outdoors.
-Secure trash container covers to prevent wind or animals from spreading litter.
-When visiting any recreation area, make sure to leave the area clean for the next person to enjoy.

As a general rule of thumb, for lakes or anywhere really, always leave the place better than how you found it.

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