I don't go fishing all that often, in fact, I think the last time I actually went fishing was when I was still a kid.  But it seems like the thing you could catch the most of was sunnies.  And really, most of them were pretty small.  Sometimes it was even sort of comical as to how small those fish would be.  I still see pictures of people catching those "micro" fish.

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That, the small fish, is the reason for the limits and regulations being put into place by the DNR in 52 more Minnesota lakes.  According to a press release, they are trying to increase the size of sunfish in Minnesota.

“This is the final batch of new sunfish regulations that will be part of the Quality Sunfish Initiative. We’re pleased to be at our overall goal of 200 to 250 lakes with these special regulations,” said Dave Weitzel, Grand Rapids area fisheries supervisor. “We’ve had an impressive amount of public support all along for these regulations. Anglers spoke up that they want large sunfish in our lakes.”

There have been other regulations implemented for 2022 as well regarding Walleye.  This year, the DNR removed the experimental 17 inch length requirement from Clear Lake in Washington County.  Some of the lakes that have the sunfish limits are also adding crappie limits.  All of the new regulations are available online or at any place where you can buy a fishing license.

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