Back in October, 6-year-old Ethan Haus of Clear Lake went missing after getting off the school bus, and running off to play with the family dog. Luckily after hours of searching Ethan was found safe at about 1:50 a.m., about a mile and a half from his home, along with his faithful dog.

Steve Fines of Fines Aerial Imaging helped play a big part in the finding of Ethan via drone and thermal imaging. Fines posted a really cool update on his Facebook page saying:

The Haus family (and dog) along with a few of us who were an integral part of the rescue were flown out to LA to be on the Kelly Clarkson show.

She was truly a kind and gentle person in asking us about what happened. The story brought her, some of the other guests and many in the audience to tears.

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Kelly Clarkson's team heard about Ethan's story, and invited the family out to LA to be on her talk show, and even Remington the Springer Spaniel got to go along.

The episode airs on December 5th, and clips usually get posted to YouTube shortly after. Once we find them we will add them to this post.

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