Gotta get away?

Somebody is gonna need a Snickers.

A box of freakin' grenades fell off the back of a U.S. Air Force Humvee a few weeks ago, and the search is going so well that the Air Force is asking for the public's help finding them.

The incident happened on rough roads four miles west of Parnell. The rear hatch popped open and an ammunition container similar to this one popped out.


The Air Force warns that if the container is found damaged to STAY AWAY FROM IT, because grenades go boom. Call the Minot Munitions Reporting Hotline (how often does this happen?!) at (701) 723-7909.

If you happen to find the box, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations has offered to reward you $5000.

It's like adventure geocaching for cash!

If you prefer to remain anonymous for some reason, you can always just submit a tip.

If you or someone you know happened to have found it, the grenades need a specific type of launcher to work. So there go your dreams of grenade baseball.

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