According to the Associated Press, Minnesota's water supply has been contaminated by a dangerous chemical known to cause cancer and other serious health issues. Nitrate has been found in our water supply due to pure neglect.

The Associated Press also states this specific contamination is a result of years of unchecked agricultural pollution. How does this even happen--is someone asleep at the wheel?

The Minnesota Department of Health's 2018 Annual Report mentions they're aware that contaminants like nitrate, bacteria and arsenic continue to be problems. Well, DO something about it then, or tell the public to stop drinking the water if it's that bad. I mean, come on.

A national environmental group called Environmental Working Group put out a report of their own on Tuesday claiming that one in eight Minnesotans are drinking nitrate in their water and Minnesota is "to the brink of a public health crisis". Nitrate comes from fertilizer and manure that seeps into the ground from farm fields.

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According to the Star Tribune, nitrate is even more dangerous for infants because it can cause them to lose oxygen, called blue baby syndrome.

The environmental group gives Minnesota credit for steps the state is taking with the Groundwater Protection Rule...but, they also mention it might be too late.

Here's the breakdown of the highest average or highest single test result in our local cities according to their most updated report (each of the cities listed below are in compliance with the EPA's nitrate limit of 10.4 ppm or less);

  • Sartell: (0.32 ppm)
  • St. Cloud: (0.34 ppm)
  • Sauk Rapids:(4 ppm)
  • Rice: No (7.10 ppm)
  • Foley: No (2.60 ppm)
  • Cold Spring: (8.10 ppm)
  • St. Joseph: (0.51 ppm)

You can search for your town or city and check the nitrate levels here.

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