Everyone that has been on a road trip in their life has at some point jumped out of the car to get their picture by some obscure roadside statue or tourist attraction. Luckily Minnesota is full of them and if you are looking to get out this weekend, you can probably see a few of these yourself!

Worlds Largest Crow - Belgrade, MN - About an hour from St. cloud
There is even a button to push to make the crow "caw".

Worlds Largest Twine Ball - Darwin, MN - About 50 mins from St. Cloud
The creator rolled twine four hours a day, every day in his basement and eventually moved the ball onto his front lawn and used railroad jacks to ensure proper wrapping. Next thing you know, Minnesota had a giant twine ball to take pictures with!

Jolly Green Giant - Blue Earth, MN - About 3 hours from St. Cloud
Having trouble getting your kids to eat their veggies? Take them to see the Jolly Green Giant himself. It might help, or it might scare them into it.


Big Ole: America's Biggest Viking - Alexandria. MN - About an hour from St. Cloud
Every Vikings fan needs their picture with Big Ole! They even dress him up sometimes for holidays!

World's Largest Free-Standing Hockey Stick - Eveleth, MN - About 3 hours from St. Cloud
There is no denying we love our ice hockey. We love it so much we built a three ton, 110 foot long hockey stick to take pictures with. And of course we can't forget the 700 pound hockey puck right next to it!

Paul and Babe - Multiple Locations
Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox call both Bemidji and Akeley Minnesota home. Next time you see them stop by and say hi!

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