Blake Shelton got a lesson from Olympic gold medalists last night on the season finale of The Voice.

Blake posted on Instagram saying:

I'm officially an honorary Curler, y'all! Before all the crazy started, I was lucky enough to get some lessons from some of America's finest curlers! 

Leading the pack of champion curlers is John Shuster of Chisholm, Minnesota. Team Shuster is made up of Tyler George from Duluth, Matt Hamilton from McFarland Wisconsin, John Landsteiner from Duluth, and Joe Polo from Duluth. This group took home the gold at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeonchang, China.

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In the finale special, each Voice coach had to try their hand at a different Olympic sport. John Legend tried artistic swimming, Nick Jonas went for table tennis, Kelly Clarkson played horseshoes at the ranch, and Blake went curling.

At one point during his lesson, Blake came out with a walker that had a curling broom taped to it so he had more stability on the slippery ice. He even asked the team if they wanted to borrow it.

At the end of the lesson Blake asked if he was ready to join Team Shuster. The overall consensus was that he needed practice and could be ready in a couple years. Blake wasn't too impressed with that answer, but he still asked the team to go out and grab a beer.

Next I think we need to get Mr. Shelton on the ice for a game of hockey!

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