It's always nice to be recognized for your achievements, even if for guzzling the most alcohol.  Well, Minnesota didn't make the top 4 drunkest states but we sure are surrounded by a bunch of drunks.

24/7 Wall Street did a survey of drinking habits across this great nation using different criteria like the percentage of Adults drinking excessively, Alcohol related traffic fatalities, Adults in poor health, etc.

Our good neighbor Iowa came in as the 3rd drunkest state in the country. I guess if I lived in a state that smelled of pig poop 6 months out of the year, maybe I'd be tempted to kill my senses with a barrel or two of whiskey.

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Coming in at #2 is our good neighbor to the west, North Dakota. Since I'm born and raised in North Dakota, I guess, I just assumed that everyone drank beer at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Leaving room of course for the hard stuff to finish off the day. If you every ask a North Dakotan why they drink so much? Chances are they'll reply "What else is there to do?"

The state that takes top prize for being the drunkest state in the country is, you probably guessed already, Wisconsin.  In their defense, I think they mostly drink a lot to help dissolve all that damn cheese they eat.

Oh, although not a close neighbor to Minnesota, Nebraska was ranked the 4th drunkest state in the country.  I've spent time in Nebraska and I thought their ranking would be much higher.

As far as Minnesota goes, we came in at # 5.  That means we are out drinking 45 other states. Stumble proud Minnesota!  According to the research, 21.7% of Minnesota adults drink excessively. Mankato/North Mankato is the drunkest metro in the state, 14th highest among all 384 metros in the U.S.  Drunkest county is Chisago County where over 25% of adults drink excessively. Wow!  Cheers!

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