What do YOU want to be for Halloween? Do you want to be the embodiment of a "dating trend" that causes actual psychological damage?

If so, you're in luck...ya jerk!

'Ghosting' is the dating term for suddenly ending a relationship by cutting off all communication with someone, without warning. Just 'disappearing' on them, like a jerk ghost!

As if that wasn't bad enough, the psychologically-damaging way to cowardly end a relationship is a costume just in time for Halloween!

Credit: Party City

As someone who's been ghosted several times (years before it was the 'cool' way to be a jerk), this is...kinda funny. This is how we cope with jerks in America: we make them (or their actions) into Halloween costumes that we can wear and hopefully win some money in a costume contest.

The company doesn't make any suggestions about burning the costume in effigy to exorcise the demons (ghosts?) of your dating past, but it doesn't say not to...

H/T: Mashable

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