The most visible meteor shower in the Minnesota sky is back tonight, featuring more than 80 'shooting stars' per hour. The Perseid meteor shower is set to peak tonight through predawn hours of Sunday morning.

BUMMER FACTOR:  The Full Moon will wash out the 80-100 meters per hour down to a visible 40 to 50 per hour (which is still pretty damn good). The next night will be pretty cool for viewing too.


Good news for you if you want to watch the show from bed, NASA has you covered with a live stream of the show here (but not even close to the real deal according to me). #GetYourButtOutside

GOOD NEWS FOR ME:  I'll be in northern Minnesota at the cabin on the dock with a glass of wine. I'll let you know what I see.

Its time to get your astronomical groove on in preparation to the solar eclipse coming up later this month.

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