Love it or hate it, winter is un unescapable reality of living year-round in Minnesota. Winter gets a bad rap. Sure it's a bit too long, but getting out and enjoying all it has to offer is the key to surviving (and even thriving).

Now much of this is hard to remember when you're scraping your windshield or just slipped on the ice heading out the door, but winter in Minnesota us a state of mind. The more you find ways to get out and enjoy it -- the happier you will be.

The Danish use the word Hygge to describe the feeling that comes from embracing winter and he cozy comfort that comes from getting outside, then enjoying the warmth and comfort indoors. According to Wikipedia:

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Minnesota's 10 Favorite Things About Weather

Honorable mention: Hockey, and your beer doesn't get warm when you're outside.

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I'm not a winter hater, although it's about a month too long. Take a month off winter and tack it onto summer and Minnesota's climate would be just about perfect.

In the spirit of giving opposing views equal time, tomorrow we'll look at Minnesota's 10 Least Favorite Things About Winter. (That one might be a little easier to create. Heck, we'll probably come up with more than ten too.) Think Spring!

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