I've been working from home for months now. It seems like the "New Normal."  I actually have to admit; that even though my hours have been stretched out to make for a longer work day, I DO prefer to keep it this way.

I like being able to do the news in my pajama's, and then go throw a load of laundry in before I write my next story.

I like being able to write my news story, and then let Gloria out in the backyard for a pee break.

I like letting my dog back in and then recording a song for "One Mic One Take".   Then I grab a coffee, and record a couple commercials. After recording a few commercials, It's time to write a story for our App.

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My point is...I'm less stressed not worrying about all the little things that need to be done at home. If I need a mental break, I don't need a walk around the building, I just go do something else productive that I don't have to save up for the end of the day.


If and when your Employer says, "It's time to come back to work. How many of you would like to continue working from home? Would you say you are more productive and less stressed working from home? Or do you invite going back to work the way things were?


I've been working mostly from home, but still need to go to the office for a couple hours each day. I actually like this. I like being at the office for things that really need to be done there. But after that; I think I'm more productive and creative from my comfort zone; and that just happens to be....home.


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