Minnesotans are pretty awesome. We actually speak two different languages and you probably didn’t even realize it. Here at the station, we’ve done our best to translate the Minnesota speak!

Hot dish–In Minnesota it means the same thing as casserole means everywhere else in the world.

Salad–This is a tricky one. The rest of the world would consider this to be some sort of lettuce and veggie combo dish…but, in Minnesota there’s usually marshmallows with fruit and gelatin in it.

Goodbye–In Minnesota, it takes at least 3-4 goodbyes before you actually mean it. The first time you say ‘goodbye’ actually means, ‘I’m thinking about leaving soon. I just wanted to make you aware.” The second goodbye means, “I’m just reminding you that I’ve gotta go soon so tell me one more quick story.” The third goodbye means, “Alright, I’m putting my shoes on and I’m opening the door, so hug me one more time….it’s your last chance.” The fourth goodbye is usually the last one you say as you quickly shut the door behind you.

Don’tchya know?–This is kind of a bad habit that we all develop. Minnesotans seem to use this phrase like a period at the end of a sentence! It’s kind of like how some high schoolers overuse the words “like” and “literally.” I’ve been hearing a lot more Minnesotans drop the “don’t” part and just say “ya know.”

An’ stuff–It means, ‘and stuff,” ya know?

Alla–As in, “I go to the cabin alla [all of] the time in the summer.”

Bin–Most people hear that word and think you’re talking about a container. But, in Minnesota it means “been.” “I was there last year. Bin there, done that.”

Borrow–We seem to always get this one wrong. Minnesotans say, “can you borrow me your boat,” when we really mean, “can you loan me your boat?”

Yousta–Minnesotans use this word to mean “used to.” “I yousta work at the gas station.”

Anyways--For some reason we always put an 's' on anyway. As in, "it'll be cold this weekend but, we're going to the cabin anyways."

I’m sure Minnesotans have countless more ticks! Are there any we missed that aren’t included on this list?!

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