Apparently, Minnesotans hate beans more than any other state in the country according to Buzzfeed. I find this extremely hard to believe because Minnesotans love beans. I mean, we make green bean hotdish for almost every single family get together.

We're a state that loves chili, and there are a lot of beans in that dish! You can find baked beans at pretty much every backyard cookout and BBQ in Minnesota. We're a state that even sings about beans being a magical fruit.

Buzzfeed's research came from a dating app called "Hater" which pairs you up with people who hate the same things you do. Apparently, Minnesotans have been bonding with one another over their mutual bean hatred. Who would have thought?

Maybe we need some clarification as to what kind of beans we're talking about; baked, green, kidney, JELLY? If we're being honest here, I hate baked beans. Eww. Perhaps there's a LITTLE truth to this...


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