I'll be honest- I'm not really into ice fishing, or fishing in general.  I don't eat fish, so what's the point, right?  Well, that could change with this deal.  Who wouldn't want to hang out in this Ice Fishing shanty from Busch Light?

My point is that it might just be fun to hang out in this thing without the actual fishing part.  Maybe that's what most people do anyway, and I'm just missing the point.  I've lived in Minnesota for almost my entire life and have never been ice fishing.  Maybe I'm missing out??

Oh, and you can get those cool looking Busch Light ice fishing cans too.  I only just found out that they make special limited edition cans throughout the year. I'm surprised I knew about the Busch Light apple when it came out.

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Here's the deal...you and a buddy could win a week stay on Mille Lacs Lake in this awesome shanty.  And it comes equipped with everything you'd need too.  You will have heat, electricity, fridge for both food and live bait (separate), a fully stocked kitchen, and a ton of Busch Light to enjoy for the week.  You don't get to pick wihen you would use it, however.  The week is already planned for February 5-11.

How do you enter?  Check out the Instagram post:


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