Last night was the airing of the Academy Awards, or the Oscars as we call them.  I watch the pre-show generally because I do find that entertaining.  The mini interviews with everyone is kind of fun.  And they all look pretty excited to be there. Especially if they are there for the first time.

I usually skip the show because I actually think it's pretty boring.  The speeches are too long and it's just not entertaining. But I do like to see who wins the big awards.  The best picture, best actor/actress - those awards.


The Best Animated Picture went to a person from Minnesota.  Pete Docter won his third Oscar for an animated picture.  He is originally from Bloomington.  The movie was "Soul".  He has also won for "Up" and "Inside Out".  But he has also had some other Oscar nominations for "Monsters Inc", "Wall-E", "Toy Story" and "Inside Out".  

Accepting his award, Docter thanks Disney (which owns Pixar) for taking a chance on his idea, saying he told the studio "we want to do a movie that explores the meaning of life and they said go ahead."


Pete Docter wasn't the only Minnesotan to be nominated at last night's Oscars.  There was someone from Stillwater who was nominated, Mike Scheuerman was nominated for best producer in the Short Documentary category.  The short was called "Hunger Ward" and was about two healthcare workers who were trying to save some starving kids in Yemen.

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