MaKenzie Franklin knows what tough is. In 2020 she was in a pretty bad motorcycle crash with her boyfriend, and medical professionals ended up amputating her left leg above the knee. For many, that alone would have been overwhelming to deal with, but for MaKenzie, it was really only the beginning.

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MaKenzie just accomplished something she never thought she would accomplish. She recently was on the US Paralympic Sitting Volleyball team that took Gold in their pool play to qualify for the Paralympic games happening in Paris in 2024!

Gold medalist? Officially a Paralympic Hopeful?

To think two years ago these things weren’t even a thought…sitting volleyball was something I didn’t even know existed.

If you have a dream, put your mind to it and I promise you, you’ll be surprised when you look back and realize it’s only been two years and you’re now on the worlds best team.

I’m so thankful for all of my team…for welcoming me, for allowing me patience when learning a new way to play a game I love.

Remember when I said Shit’llBuff?

The post that I saw from MaKenzie highlighted her recent accomplishments and showed just how strong she is as a person, being able to overcome losing a limb, and continuing to be successful in life in various ways.

Not only does MaKenzie have a gold medal for her accomplishments in Canada, she told me on the phone yesterday afternoon she will be hiking up a glacier mountain later this year, and she has her own clothing line.

The Red Wing resident and Cannon Falls graduate isn't done, when I asked if this meant she was heading to Paris in 2024, she said there are 18 team members but only 12 can go to Paris. The coach will make the final decision on who travels in 2024 and who remains home.

Wishing MaKenzie the best of luck in regards to making the final team, and her mountain adventure later this year!

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