I can't help it, but this is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Before you get worried about this little guy, I just want you to know...he's fine.

It's a must watch.

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A woman in Inver Grove Heights was cleaning out her refrigerator and also likes to give food to the squirrels in her backyard.

She had some old pears so looked it up online to make sure that it was okay to feed pears to squirrels and was. So she proceeded to put the pears out for the squirrels.

What she didn't realize is that the pears were SO old, that they had started fermenting, which means they had become intoxicating for squirrels.

The squirrel in the video is called "Little Red" and is a frequent visitor to this woman's porch. She works from home right now, and one of the things she likes to do is feed the wildlife so he comes and eats out of that blue bowl quite often...Nice surprise for him!

She saw him tipping and was worried about him. Once she found out that she had fed him fermenting pears, she went out to her bowl and gathered up the rest of what had not been eaten and threw it all away.

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