Finally, a video that spells out the differences (and similarities) between Minnesota and Wisconsin. I'm sure this will stir up a few comments.

Vikings or Packers? Gophers or Badgers? Twins or Brewers? Milk or Milk?

Who knew that Wisconsin had more lakes than Minnesota? Or that Minnesota had more wilderness (and better-looking citizens)? :)

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Oh, and even though the video didn't mention it, Wisconsin has the drunkest cities in the U.S., with 10 out of the 20 of the drunkest places on the map in Wisconsin.

  • State Bird: Minnesota, Common Loon. Wisconsin, American Robin
  • State Flower: Minnesota, Showy Lady Slipper. Wisconsin, Common Blue Violet.
  • State Fish: Minnesota, Walleye. Wisconsin, Muskellunge.
  • State Tree: Minnesota, Red Pine. Wisconsin, Sugar Maple.
  • State Drink: Minnesota Milk. Wisconsin, Milk.

Honestly, I think I could really like Wisconsin. It's a naturally beautiful state. Here's the problem, I have a bunch of relatives there and anytime the Packers beat the Vikes, or Badgers beat the Gophers -- I never hear the end of it! Seriously, I love you guys, but you are occasionally making me think twice.

And don't forget, Minnesota has more fortune 500 companies per capita than any other state. And the are more theaters in Minneapolis than in any city outside of New York.

Grain Belt or Leine's? SKOL!

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