In a new report from MSN, the 'Great Minnesota Get-Together' has been ranked as the Best Fair in America.

In what comes as no surprise to any of us, the MSN/Lifestyle report says:

Minnesota boasts the second-largest state fair in the United States, with nearly 2 million people in attendance in 2017. Not only does the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" cover a sprawling 320 acres, but it delights its visitors with eclectic new foods, classic treats, and informative experiences like the Miracle of Life barn.


The top-ten fairs showcased in the report are:

  1. Minnesota State Fair
  2. The State Fair of Texas
  3. The San Diego County Fair
  4. The Eastern States Expo (known as new England's State Fair)
  5. The Deerfield Fair (New England's oldest fair, in New Hampshire)
  6. The OC Fair in Costa, Mesa, California
  7. Wisconsin State Fair
  8. Iowa State Fair
  9. North Carolina State Fair
  10. The Fryeburg Fair (in Maine)

Grandstand shows, pronto pups, Machinery Hill, Miss Martha's Cookies, the DNR fish pool, dairy princesses carved in butter, roasted corn on he cob, free stages, craft beer, live music.


The 2019 Minnesota State Fair runs August 22nd through September 2nd.

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