Minnesota State Fair officials announced Sunday, January 20th, that nearly $20 million has been approved to make renovations on the fairgrounds for 2019.

One of the big changes they are making is adding a 12,000 square foot exhibit hall that will be housing museum quality exhibits that will be changed out yearly.

Other changes being made will be upkeep related. Upgrades to agriculture buildings, paint, street, sewer, sidewalk landscaping, and restroom upgrades will be made as well.


Where is this $20 million coming from though? Well the Minnesota State Fair is actually all self funded, and the money is coming from the Minnesota State Fair FoundationIf you want to be a Friend of the Fair, you can help fund the Great Minnesota Get Together for as little as $25!

So the $20 million changes won't be too earth shattering, but it will breathe a little fresh breath into the fairgrounds overall look this summer. The state fair is Aug. 22 through Labor Day in 2019.

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