Not long ago I wrote a post about Minnesota's most recent Sasquatch or Big Foot sightings. The last recorded one was in June of 2015 in Itasca county, that is until last week! I received an email from Jodi Whiteside on Friday April 27th, detailing her brother's own encounter with what they believe is a Sasquatch. Here is what her message said:

My brother had a sighting yesterday April 26. Northern St Louis county hwy 73 and interstate 53. North of Cook, MN. Over 8ft tall when standing straight up, very long monkey like arms, brown and took 3 large steps over the hwy and into the woods.


The description matches previous records of sightings in Minnesota. October of 2014 a sighting happened in St. Louis County as well, near Buhl. The witness to that event saw a creature with "long arms long legs, dark black and about 7-8 ft. tall". So does St. Louis County have it's own mythical creature living there, or is this all just a coincidence? I guess we will just have to wait until the next sighting to keep connecting the dots.

If you have a Big Foot or Sasquatch sighting story, I want to hear it! Email it to me at

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