ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- Minnesota officials say more than 300 people have died in traffic crashes so far this year.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety said Monday the 302 deaths were 17
more than the 285 reported at this time last year. In 2017, Minnesota did not record its 300th death until Oct. 31.


The most recent death came Friday night when a 66-year-old Big Lake man was struck and killed while crossing Highway 10 in Becker.

He was the 29th pedestrian to die in a crash in 2018. The year's fatalities include 195 people in motor vehicles, 58 motorcyclists, six bicyclists and 14 classified as ``other, such as farm machinery or ATVs.

Drunken driving was a factor in 93 fatal crashes, making it the leading cause of death.