'Overrated Drafts' took over Twitter this week. It's basically a list of five things people find overrated. Here is my Minnesota Overrated Draft!

1. Getting a Corn Dog at the State Fair - Why waste time and resources on something you can get at any county fair.

2. Shopping at the Mall of America - Tourists everywhere, and parking is a nightmare Friday-Sunday. Most stores can be found in other malls.


3. Valley Scare - Is it fun and festive? Yes. Is it worth paying admission to wait in line for over an hour for one ride? No.

4. Tater Tot Hot Dish - It's a beloved food staple here. But it's kinda boring and bland to be honest.

5. Ice Fishing - The risk of dropping car keys or a phone down a hole doesn't counter with the reward of sitting on a frozen lake for hours.

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