A nonprofit in the Twin Cities is turning unrest into a place to rest for Minnesota's homeless population.

Settled is a new group that is part of a nationwide movement that is taking a community-first approach to tackling homelessness.

A Community First approach is an alternative that focuses not only on providing shelter but on meeting relational and social needs in a holistic way.

WCCO reported that Settled is in search of donations of wood and supplies to build a tiny home village. Many businesses across the cities boarded-up doors and windows during the protests and riots to protect their storefronts, and those supplies might no longer be needed.

Instead of just tossing them to the side, Settled is looking to turn them into homes for people. Things like plywood and oriented boards would help the builders out immensely when creating these shelters.

Co-founders Gabrielle Clowdus and Anne Franz have been hard at work since 2019 on their "Sacred Settlement" which will be set up on church property when ready. They have a diverse team of people helping them out as well, a U of M design director, a 3M product developer, a retired army captain, pastors, and even the Polad family is backing this project.

Here's to hoping businesses see this call for donations and see it as a good way to off-load wood supplies from the unrest and turn it into something to lift up the community.

Find out more about Settled on their website, and call 512-788-0344 if you are interested in donating plywood or other raw materials to the cause.

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