This is such an inspiring story, and it involves a wonderful teacher from Minnesota. It's not every day that someone gets asked to be on The Ellen Show that you know, or that you feel like you know. Kelly Klein is someone whose made an incredible difference in many people's lives over the past 30 years.

The Ellen Show/Youtube
The Ellen Show/Youtube


Kelly happens to be a Kindergarten teacher at Falcon Heights Elementary School, where she has been teaching for over 30 years. Kelly is going through her second battle of cancer, and she has been teaching her students via zoom while she's at the hospital for her Chemo treatments.
Ellen asked Kelly how she has the energy to teach after her treatments, and Kelly stated that she gets a "Chemo High," after her treatments, which happened the first round of treatments she took as well. Rather than just sit in the hospital, which she said can be depressing, teaching makes her happy, and those kids help her forget she has cancer.

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According to an article at, Kelly told Ellen that for her, teaching is the best medicine.

Her students also know that she is at the hospital. They can see the Nurses and the IV's in the background. She talks with the kids about how being at the hospital is helping her get better.

Kelly has also been hearing from many of the students she's taught over the years who have heard she has had a cancer diagnosis, and has told how much of a difference she made in their lives.

Ellen went on to play a video montage of many of Kelly's students talking about what a great person and teacher she was for them.

At the end of the interview, Ellen announced that Shutterfly was giving Kelly $10,000 for a trip, and another $10,000 towards her medical bills.



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