There are a lot of new baby names out there this year. American parents want to be original...they want to be cool. They want their kids to have the coolest name ever created...and so we have a whole list of new baby names for 2017.

Those names include:

  • Camreigh..Pronounced Cam-Ree.... For those who love their Toyota?
  • Asahd. The second most popular NEW baby name this year.
  • Taishmara went to 38 babies last year. They believe it's based on an internet celebrity named Taishmara Rivera.

Other popular names this year included Kashdon, Draxler, Noctis, Ledgen, and Miraclle.  Yes pronounced Miracle but with 2 L's.


I thought it might be nice to name our babies after some way. Here are some first names, and first middle names and lets not forget names for twins.

  • George Laken
  • Santiago
  • Saint
  • Lakes
  • Loonette
  • Loonah
  • Misquisha
  • Lymtick
  • Instead of Wally, Walleye
  • Purple Rain
  • Mallahmerisha
  • Mini  Sota
  • Mynn
  • Northern Lights
  • Granite
  • Brew
  • Rox
  • Chissel
  • Vykee
  • Gophah
  • Mini and Paul
  • Timber
  • Lynxah

My computer wants to auto correct every name I just created. If just 5 of you name your babies these names, we'll be making history.

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