The Doodle for Google competition is going on right now. Voting opened May 7th, and is open through May 18th for picking the 5 finalists from States and Territories. The top 5 voted for doodles will then go on to be national finalists in the competition. There are 5 different categories the drawings fell in based on age:

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
4th and 5th Grade
6th and 7th Grade
8th and 9th Grade
and 10th- 12th Grade.


The drawings are being judged on artistic skill, creativity, and theme communication. The overall winner will be featured as a Google Doodle on Google's home page! In addition to that the winner will receive a $30,000 scholarship, a $50,000 technology package for their school/non-profit organization, a trip to Google HQ, and some fun Google gear.

The identities of the State and Territory finalists are being kept a secret, but our Minnesotan that is in the competition is in the 10th - 12th grade category.  It is a really beautiful tribute to their great-grandmother who never shied away from hard work and inspires the artist to do the same. Cast your vote to give Minnesota some Google representation!! You can vote for their drawing here!

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