The Fourth of July will be here soon! Parking lot greenhouses are being replaced with tents selling fireworks, but what is legal to fire off in Minnesota? Aerial and exploding fireworks are illegal in our state, and according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety,

fines for the use or possession of illegal fireworks in Minnesota could be up to $700 and up to $3,000 for fireworks with a gross container weight of 35 pounds or more.

Legal fireworks are ones that stay near the ground and include:

  • Sparklers
  • Cones and tubes that emit sparks
  • Novelty items like snakes, and party poppers.

Illegal fireworks are anything the flies or explodes, like:

  • Firecrackers
  • Bottle rockets
  • Missiles
  • Roman candles
  • Mortars and shells

For more information on what is legal and illegal in Minnesota, or to get permits for fireworks, check out the Minnesota Department of Safety website!

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