I have to think that this Isanti County Sheriff's officer had to wonder if his radar was malfunctioning. I tend to speed on occasion but nothing like this guy. I might do 10-12 over the limit, depending on traffic but 139 MPH is ridiculous.

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe over a certain speed that you can actually get tagged for reckless driving among other things. I think in Minnesota, anything over 100 MPH is an automatic 6 month driver's license suspension.

This speed infraction took place on a county road in Isanti County and I can't imagine that's the safest place, if there is one, to be driving that rate of speed.

There was no mention of the age of the driver cited or what kind of vehicle that was involved.

Here's what Minnesota state law says;

1-10 MPH over limit$125.00169.14
11-14 MPH over limit$135.00169.14
15-19 MPH over limit$145.00169.14
20-25 MPH overlimit$225.00169.14
26-30 MPH over limit$285.00169.14
31+ MPH over limit

Fine amounts subject to change without notice. Please note, each fine amount noted includes a mandatory state-imposed surcharge of $75.00 that is imposed pursuant to Minnesota Statute 357.021, Subd. 6.

Minnesota law states that drivers who were ticketed for driving more than 100 mph may have their license suspended or revoked for six months. Repeat offenders may also face stiffer penalties.

How much does your insurance go up after a speeding ticket in Minnesota?

In addition to fines, your car insurance premium will also likely increase after a speeding ticket. Many factors can affect how much rates go up after a moving violation, such as the company you choose, your overall driving record, and your age and gender.

Minnesota’s car insurance rates for females are higher on average than a male’s, despite the fact that female drivers are statistically less likely to engage in risky driving behavior. This may be due to ticket statistics on a state level.

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