Valley News Live reported on a student at Minnesota State University Moorehead finding a whole dead mouse in their cafeteria meal.

The incident happened last Thursday at Kise Commons on campus. Isaac Oliphant was the student who found the rodent in his food. He said it was in his steamed spinach, and his reaction was actually calm at first. Oliphant said:

“I normally don't eat at the school very often. I normally make my own food at home, but I had someone use a guest pass for me.”

It was his first time eating at the cafeteria, and if I was him it would be my last.


MSUM released a statement, and in an interview placed blame on the food company Sodexo, which provides most of the food across campus. Sodexo told Valley News Live that they're investigating the incident and the spinach was provided by a produce vendor.

MSUM's Statement:

"The health and safety of our students is MSUM’s top priority. We know how distressing this was for the students involved and we reached out immediately to be sure they felt supported and heard. We continue to work with our food services provider, Sodexo, to ensure that all appropriate measures have been taken."

Sodexo issued a statement as well:

"The safety and security of our students, guests and University community are our top priority. Immediately after learning of the issue, the Sodexo dining team at Minnesota State University Moorhead quickly disposed of all the spinach on campus, alerted our vendor, ensured that all dining employees took added precautions, and met with the students involved. We are currently conducting an internal investigation in partnership with our produce vendor."

All I have to say is eww. I don't think I would ever be able to eat spinach again after going through that.

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