When I think about coffee shops, the last thing I think about is food items.  But honestly, they have really come a long way with that sort of thing. And it's not just pastries or baked goods.  There are choices of breakfast sandwiches too. But up to now, Minnesota based Caribou coffee has only had one plant based sandwich.  And it wasn't completely vegan.  The meat was plant based, but some of the other ingredients were not vegan friendly.

Via Caribou Facebook page
Via Caribou Facebook page
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Caribou just announced that they now do have a "fully plant based breakfast sandwich".

Their website has the description of the sandwich:


JUST Egg™ folded egg patty, roasted tomatoes, vegan pesto cream cheese spread and vegan smoked provolone on a folded flatbread.

Sounds pretty delicious, doesn't it?  I'm not even a vegan or vegetarian, but I would 100% try this sandwich.  I feel like the vegetarian options that restaurants used to have were pretty limited and they usually tasted fairly terrible.  This is no longer the case.  I know people (sometimes myself) who are not vegetarian, per se, but will sometimes order things that are vegetarian or vegan just because of health reasons.

So, Caribou for the win!  You have plenty of options for coffees and other drinks along with some food choices that keep expanding for the better.

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