This Minnesota cidery is a bit of a hike but I'd say it's totally worth it because it's been named the best cidery in the entire country! It's called Milk & Honey Ciders located in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

The rankings for the best cideries in the country in 2021 were put together by USA Today. Here are their top 10 rankings. Maybe you'll want to plan a few trips to check these out.

  1. Milk & Honey Ciders - St. Joseph, Minnesota
  2. Diskin Cider - Nashville
  3. Waldschänke Ciders + Coffee - Denver
  4. One Tree Hard Cider - Spokane, Washington
  5. Cider Corps - Mesa, Arizona
  6. UrbanTree Cidery - Atlanta
  7. North Country Hard Cider - Rollinsford, New Hampshire
  8. Citizen Cider - Burlington, Vermont
  9. Ploughman Cider - Aspers, Pennsylvania
  10. Threadbare Cider and Mead - Pittsburgh
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I think it's so cool that a small town cidery in Minnesota is the best in the whole country! St. Joseph is a little northwest of St. Cloud and has a population of just over 7,000 as of the 2019 census.

Milk & Honey Ciders has such an awesome vibe just from the pictures I've looked at. I've never been, but I like what I'm seeing so far! They have a great outdoor area to hang out at too.

On Milk & Honey Ciders' website, they explain that they always want the apples to shine in their ciders. They make "fine American cider from heirloom and traditional cider apple cultivars. [Their] farmhouse cidery and orchard focuses on interesting, dry, highly aromatic and tannic ciders made in the rolling hills of Stearns County with minimal intervention."

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