I'm not a HUGE coffee fan.  I mean, I will drink it mostly because of the caffeine.  That is the actual point, right?  Ok, not for everyone.  Some people really do love coffee.  I tend to drink what some people would refer to as "fluffy" coffee. Or a dessert coffee.  I see places with decaf as an option, and I'm thinking "what's the point"?  But that's just me.

Coffee shops usually have the 20 ounce size as their largest size.  Starbucks "Venti" actually means twenty. A couple of years ago Starbucks rolled out the "Trenta" size.  That one is 31 ounces.  Why 31? Why not just go to the next normal measurement of 32?

Anyway, not to be shown up by Starbucks, Caribou has rolled out the XL size.  How big is this one?  Well, it depends on if you are ordering a hot or cold or iced beverage.  The hot XL is 24 ounces and the cold or iced beverage is 32 ounces.  A whole ounce larger than Starbucks!

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People seem pretty jacked about this idea, too.  The XL has been available since the beginning of the new year.

Some of the comments on social media:

Lisa How many shots? Answer- 5
Casie This literally made my new year!
Rachel YAY!
Jill Love this!
Kristin Take All my Money 😁

There were also a couple of comments about how Starbucks is requiring vaccination/negative tests to work there beginning in February and wondering if Caribou will require that as well.  No word on that as of yet.

But for now- you need a GIANT sized Caribou beverage?  Now is your time.

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