In the last couple of months we've learned that Minnesota is among the happiest, healthiest, and best-educated states in America. Now we find out we're also among the safest.

The team at WalletHub looked at fifty-three metrics across all fifty states (things like crime, fire, highway, and workplace safety), and determined that only Mainers and Vermonters are safer than Minnesotans in 2020. Utah and Wyoming rounded out the top five.

Minnesota scored well for vehicle fatalities (low), percentage of uninsured (low), personal savings (high) -- and Minnesotan's are the safest in the country when it comes to workplace safety.

Ten Safest States in America for 2020

  1. Maine
  2. Vermont
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. Wyoming
  6. Iowa
  7. Massachusetts
  8. New Hampshire
  9. Connecticut
  10. Rhode Island
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Source: WalletHub

As far as our neighbors are concerned, Iowa comes in at pretty safe #6. North Dakota is at  #18 on the list, followed by Wisconsin at #19. Way down in the rankings you'll finally find South Dakota at #40.

Both North Dakota and South Dakota scored pool for workplace safety, with South Dakota finishing in the category at #49, and North Dakota at #50.

Of course, whenever we're listing the 'best of' anything, we also need to take a peek at the bottom of the list.

Five Least Safe States for 2020

  • #46 - Texas
  • #47 - Arkansas
  • #48 - Florida
  • #49 - Louisiana
  • #50 - Mississippi

Safe means a lot of different things here in 2020. Be careful out there!

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