When I first read that the workers were complaining of low wages and bad working conditions, I was like...This might be a good idea. Get the point across that you won't take it anymore...but when I learned what they already pay; and have in place; I'm not so sure I agree with the strike.

We already know that families can't survive on minimum wage. That's across the board. So when I learned that Amazon's warehouse is paying approximately $16-$20 an hour, I was like, "WOW!" That's amazing!  I know a lot of people who work really hard for $11 an hour. $16 would be amazing!

So what else is going on? I imagined this terrible place to work, but a recent article I read stated that the pay is as mentioned, plus they have programs in place that include:

  • Health Care
  • Up to 20 weeks parental leave
  • Paid education
  • Promotional opportunities

They also say that coaching is provided to those who need extra help.

Now; on the other side; There are around 1500 workers at this facility; that say advancement is difficult; That Amazon is quick to let people go who can't meet their expectations, and the expected pace is too fast. Workers have been sent back and forth; told to tell their concerns to their Managers; who then tell them to talk to HR; and round and round it goes.

The strike scheduled for PRIME DAY, will apparently not affect business; as there are plenty of other facilities that can fill the orders.

What are your thoughts? Are these workers fighting for what the rest of the nation should be fighting for? Higher wages? What should the minimum wage be? $21 an hour?

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