We are a society focused around food.  Every single event with have some sort of food attached to it, and quite frankly if it doesn't... people will complain.  Food... it's just like saying "we love you".

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Anyway, that brings me to the new foods that will be available this season for the Timberwolves games at Target Center in Minneapolis.

These foods were announced Tuesday for a "sneak peek" at what would be new offerings for this season.

According to Bring Me the News: 

On Tuesday, Target Center provided a preview of the food and alcoholic drinks that will be available, with vendors including the likes of El Burrito Mercado, Parlour Burger, Soul Bowl, Fhima's, Bibigo, Red Baron, Wicked Kitchen, and Levy Restaurants.

Target Center announced some new beverages to go along witeally excited h the food options.  The new drink options include Gallo Wines.  There are a few varieties if you would prefer that over mixed drinks or beer.  These are located at section 138.  And Stilly has a few canned cocktails.  And a big statement of "It's Not a Seltzer"!  What do they have against seltzers? Anyway, there are 3 varieties located in section 102 including a cranberry/lime, grapefruit and the Fuzz - which is a peach flavored cocktail in a can.

Some of the food options that you may want to try are chicken or Al pastor tacos.  They look more like a taco bowl.  There is a great patty melt, and something that is slightly more healthy - acai bowls.  There are cheese curds with house made ranch, a spiked coke float (yum) and this is something that a meat lover will be excited about...

Triple-Double house smoked meats.  There are a variety of smoked meats with some extras on a platter.  Yeah... trying that one for sure! Located in section 126.

There are also some dumplings with fried rice, and sweet and spicy crunchy chicken with fried rice.  And there are also some chicken lollipops.  I'll be honest, this one seems odd.  Is that like a cake pop, only with chicken??  Might have to try that one too.

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