This isn't a typical day on the job for an officer of the Mille Lacs County Sheriff's department. Last week a deputy ended up having to wrangle an emu!

Success story from last week. Shout out to Deputy Bromberg for wrangling this super friendly Emu. Deputy Bromberg was getting kind of attached to his new buddy when the owner was located. Mille Lacs County Deputies fill many roles throughout their careers. Sometimes you're a peace officer, a counselor, a referee and sometimes a cowboy. Never a dull moment. Thank you Deputy Bromberg for your hard work!!


The emu was originally spotted in a bean field near Foreston on May 16th. The bird was super friendly and his owner was found a short time after he was.

Thank you to all the hard working law enforcement officers across this state that go to work and help people every day! Even if that help isn't the most conventional way of helping. We appreciate you!

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