MELROSE - A $25.7-$28.8 million referendum for Melrose Schools will be decided on by voters on Thursday.

A two-part question will be on the ballot. The first asks for $24.9 million towards construction, plus $800,000 in bonding costs. The money would be used to put in new elementary and early childhood classrooms, new agriculture and auto shop classrooms, a pool, a two-station gym and two tennis courts.

The second question on the ballot will be contingent on the first question passing. It involves a $3.1 million bond to build an additional 2-station gym with a walking track.

If question one passes, it would increase property taxes on a home valued at $150,000 by $213 a year ($17.75 per month). Question two would increase taxes on the same home by $31 per year ($2.55 per month).

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