It's National "Rescue Dog" Day; and it seems that many of my Co-Workers, including myself, have rescued pets. I have two cats I adopted from Tri County Humane Society. Mr. Bean was adopted when I first moved to Minnesota in 2013, and then about a year ago, we adopted Pnuema; a beautiful long haired beauty, whom Mr. Bean has fallen in love with.


Gloria, my glorious little Chug, part Chihuahua and part Pug, has been my partner in crime since I lost my beautiful Soul Mate of a dog Sampson a couple years ago. My heart was unfixable when I lost him; or so I thought.  I came to work one day, actually on my day off, and a Co-Worker was fostering her for the day. We met on the sidewalk and fell in love. She's the kindest, sweetest soul of a dog. She lost her person and I lost my dog; we saved each other and I couldn't ask for a better companion. I adopted Gloria through Gray Face Rescue.

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Pete Hanson
Pete Hanson


Pete Hanson, my Co Host of "Pete & Kelly in the Mornin' " on 98.1 Minnesota's New Country, says he spends more time with Gigi, than any other person or animal on the planet. "She's my side kick. She keeps the squirrels and the bunnies away from eating my plants in the backyard...she lives to go for a run or walk with me. Those are the happiest moments in her life." She found Pete about 6 years ago through Grey Face Rescue in 2015.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke


Norman? He just wants to love you. I mean...all...the..time. He was born to love. Abbey Minke, afternoons on 98.1, says she adopted Norman from Tri County Humane Society in 2017. Her favorite thing about Norman is that he actually loves watching TV.  Abbey says, "If Bobby Flay is on food network, he will legit sit on the couch and watch him cook."  Norman also only knows four words: Walk, treat, ride and lake.

Rover by Pete Hanson


We didn't want to leave Ashli out of the picture. Ashli, from mid-days on 98.1 DOES NOT have a real rescue dog...but we didn't want to leave her out. We're starting her off with Rover Overlund.  He's only drawn on paper; but it's a start.


They say we're saving them; but what's actually happening? Those pets are saving us. It's a great day to adopt. Visit your local shelter today and change your life..and theirs.

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