Christmas has come and gone, but one thing that's keeping the holiday season lingering around Lauren Alaina's house is a very special delivery!

The singer debuted her new puppy, named (fittingly) Opry, on Christmas Day on social media...but if you're just getting around to seeing the lil' stinker now, consider it definitely worth the wait. Alaina's pup is a curly little goldendoodle breed, and she's already getting her chops in as bona fide country royalty.

Alaina showed off the dog on the Grand Ole Opry stage (lucky pooch!) and captioned a the series of shots to her Instagram: "Everyone paws what you’re doing and meet my sweet baby girl, Opry. I’m pretty sure this is the cutest @Opry debut to date."

Given that the pup is actually wearing a cowboy hat and bandanna in the last shot (swipe to see), we'd have to agree!

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Opry already has her own Instagram account, which has close to 7,000 followers (for reference, her mom has close to a million, so she's definitely got some ways to go, but it's not a bad start!). In the handful of photos posted, the puppy is shown posing for a few shots, including one cuddling with Alaina in a beach setting. "My mom loves me so much she can hardly sand it," reads the caption.

Alaina is doing just fine with a furry friend as her best companion these days, having most recently released her heartbreak-focuse Getting Over Him EP in September.  Alaina has been through a couple of highly public breakups in recent years. The first was the ending of her engagement to longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins; the second was her split from Christian comedian John Crist.

While Alaina's staying vague about the more personal specifics behind Getting Over Him, it's safe to say that the project is based in real life. Fortunately for Alaina, she says that no exes have come out of the woodwork since the release of the EP...and she's free to concentrate on puppy kisses for right now.

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