Such a familiar look for Minnesotans at the end of the season for our sports teams.


WNBA Finals - Game Five
Still winning championships, people! (Getty Images)

It seems like we're cursed, and not just the sports teams. Being a 'flyover state,' we get ignored almost entirely...unless there's a scandal.

The Democratic Policy And Communications Committee Holds Hearing On Campaign Finance System
Just when we were starting to believe that we were good enough and smart enough, doggone it... (Getty Images)

Does this picture look familiar?

Of course it does. It shows up on our Facebook feeds everytime the Vikings lose.
Especially in the playoffs.


There are variations for the Twins and Timberwolves, because we're Losertown, USA!

2013 WNBA Finals - Game Three
*COUGH* (Getty Images)

So in the midst of a deep conversation about the Minnesota Curse that strikes all of our (men's) pro sports teams just when we think they're going to do the impossible (win), Kelly & I came up with an idea.

A mascot...for The Curse.

What curse? (Getty Images)
What curse? (Getty Images)

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, fair-weather and all-weather fans...coming soon:

Kursener Norski!

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