Talk about complete opposites. Gloria & Sampson would have probably been great friends; Even though they were complete opposites. My Sampson was a giant; who loved his family & was VERY protective of us. He made friends easier with animals than people.

Meet Gloria. Gloria is the size of Sampson's head. She's not even big enough to jump up on my bed. She makes friends with every person, cat, and child she meets. Just like Sampson, she loves to cuddle and sit in your lap; although it's a much easier fit.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes

Gloria was recently orphaned when her owner passed away. She was brought to our friends at Grey Face Rescue & Retirement who focus on finding homes for dogs over 7 years of age. My co worker Cindy brought her to work one day. I almost didn't meet Gloria as I only worked a partial day, and as I was coming in, Gloria was just coming outside.



I had decided that after losing Sampson, that getting another dog probably wouldn't work out for me. He was my Soul Dog. Sampson was with me as a pup. He knew my routine. He could sit with me for hours while I worked quietly in my studio, and made me feel safe and secure. I still miss him terribly. Another dog that would already be house trained? A dog that would be quiet while I worked in my studio? A dog that would get along with my cat? Probably hard to find...until I met Gloria.


Gloria is the sweetest and kindest little darling I've ever seen. She's a CHUG; a Chihuahua/Pug mix. Gloria never meets a stranger. She loves to be held; she loves to sleep under the covers, and she only talks when she's really excited to tell you something important.  Even Mr. Bean my cat, who is the same size as Gloria, hasn't even batted at her yet.

Her beautiful personality is already shining through. I do have to get a few different things for her; a smaller bowl to eat out of perhaps? She can actually fit inside Sampsons bowl.  Maybe a few smaller toys to play with?

We have a lot in common. Gloria spent some time in the south being from Texas originally, and the boys and I spent a lot of years in Kentucky.  She lost her person; we lost our dog. I want to make her feel safe and happy and so far, she seems to be doing great.

You might find your next furry baby at Grey Face too! Check out their website, or become a Grey Face foster parent; if you would like more information about the wonderful dogs still waiting for homes at Grey Face Rescue & Retirement, just click HERE now.

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