ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A recent Sartell-St. Stephen graduate is now making a difference in the classroom on the other side of the desk.

Eighteen-year-old Trixx Iller is taking a gap year from education before starting college. While looking for a job to keep busy Iller learned about Math Corps. Iller is a math tutor at Stride Academy and is now considering going into teaching as a career.

It has kind of changed my mind because my original plan was to do this to fill my gap year and then go to the University of North Dakota for a business major.  But, I've been enjoying this so much and I love the difference that I'm making so I'm thinking about possibly going into education, or merging the two.

Iller says it's good to see the positive impact the program is making on students.

I think within the first few weeks to a month I would meet with teachers and they would tell me they were noticing such a difference in the student's confidence level with math, and that their test scores were going up.

Iller is one of two Math Corps tutors at Stride. There are two Reading Corps tutors in the school as well.

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Reading and Math Corps tutors get paid a bi-weekly stipend of $1,000 before taxes.

The program says they still need 10 more people to serve in Stearns County yet this school year.


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