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I think people were getting a little ahead of the 8-ball on this one. Although the plants look beautiful and well taken care of; there is a reason you didn't see many of these kinds of tents around the state of Minnesota.

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On the first day that recreational Marijuana went into effect in Minnesota, Faribault police seized 22 plants from a parking lot tent sale that was set up outside Total Tobacco, located on the 400th block of 4th Street NW in Faribault.

Photo by Matthew Brodeur, Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Brodeur, Unsplash


The plants were labeled by 'strain' and also included labels for' TCH Concentration.' The plants were seized and no arrests were made.

However, some people say that the seizure of the plants should not have happened because they are not marijuana plants, but they were immature 'hemp' plants.

A statement was released from the Faribault Police Department:

"The Faribault Police Department is committed to supporting businesses engaged in the legal sale of cannabis and cannabis-related products once the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management is established," said a statement from Faribault Police Chief John Sherwin. "Until that time, unauthorized sales of cannabis will be investigated in accordance with state law."

According to an article on Fox9, Adults in Minnesota can now possess and travel within Minnesota's borders with 2 ounces of cannabis flower, and can have 2 pounds of cannabis flower at home. They can also grow up to 8 plants at home, with no more than 8 plants flowering at one time.

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