It was the 4th of July and this guy was going to get his relaxation time in any way he could. Reddit user u/brien1254 was at MSP Airport on the 4th and saw that someone had taken a bright orange hammock and tied it up between two poles. Right by the F2 gate. This man is the hero we all need. This eliminates the need to sit in germ ridden airport chairs, and if you arrive early enough you can catch a quick, comfortable nap! Many people below the picture are sharing their horror stories of having to sleep on airport floors, and wishing at the time they had thought to pack a hammock in their carry-ons. One of my favorite comments comes from SuitablePage:

I bet a million bucks it’s a local because hammocking already blew by as a trend 5 years ago elsewhere.

So we might be a bit behind on trends. We are smart Minnesotans! We aren't going to jump right on the next bandwagon that goes by, we are going to make sure its a good, working, reliable one and then get on board!

Check out the MSP Hammock hero picture here! 

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