I feel like I won the lottery getting a screengrab of this post before it was deleted.

I'm part of a Minnesota Naturalist group on Facebook, and for the most part, it is people asking for help identifying flowers and insects, or sharing fun nature photos.

On July 6th, there was a post that had me laughing so hard. Since he has deleted the post, I won't give away his identity and we will call him Bob.

Bob wrote on the group page:

So we have a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. We spent all week there during this heat spell and we were enjoying the lake but we have come across a small problem. The sunfish are really agressive and attacking you while you are floating around. My daughters are now scared of going swimming. Is there something a person can do to correct this issue or is it something that Mother Nature just has to play out. Thanks.

Oh Bob. I'm not sure if you intended for this to be humorous, or if you actually meant it but either way, bless your heart.

Anyone who has spent time on a dock knows that sunfish will nibble at things. If you've gone swimming in a lake, chances are good you have been mistaken for bait at some point by a clueless bluegill.

When I was little my sister and I would spend more time with our feet dangling off the dock trying to get fish to bite our toes than we would actually fishing. Your daughters have nothing to worry about. Enjoy the lake and sunshine, the aggressive sunfish are nothing to be overly concerned about.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke
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