Chalk it up to having nine lives, carrying a lucky rabbit's foot or just being in the right spot at the wrong time, there's no doubting this guy needs clean shorts after narrowly escaping being creamed by two trucks.Imagine just filling up the ole' truck at the gas station when chaos starts happening all around you. You barely escape being turned into road kill and still have enough sense about you to check for anyone needing help.

It happened to a guy in Russia, check this video out. If that were me at the pump I believe I would have had to at least sit down for a second to make sure I wasn't scared out of my skin!

OLYMPICS: Neighborhood Raises $14,000 so Single Mom Can See Her Son Compete in the Olympics

Posted: 08:05AM July 15, 2012 PST

Single mom Yolanda Barral didn't think she was going to be able to travel to London to see her son, Ellis Coleman, wrestle in the summer Olympic Games – especially since she spent all her extra cash on traveling to see him qualify in the trials.

Her neighbors in Chicago were having none of that, so without her knowing they raised $14,000 so she could make the trip. How awesome is that?!

This is a good reminder that not every athlete has a high paying endorsement deal, and not every parent can afford to travel overseas to see their son or daughter compete.