Getting a conviction is in the bag.

That may be what prosecutors in Spain are thinking after a man was arrested for theft by worming his body into a suitcase that was loaded onto an airport bus just so he could squeeze back out and steal from other luggage.

The man worked his scam with an accomplice. One man would place the bag in the bus' baggage compartment and then hop aboard for a 90-minute ride from an airport in the city of Girona to Barcelona.

While the bus chugged along, the man in the cargo hold would emerge like Houdini from the bag and sift through the other luggage, taking anything that caught his eye.

The bus driver helped put an end to the caper when he noticed the man onboard having a tough time with his heavy bag.

Authorities were summoned and when they arrived they found the suspect caught with his hand in the cookie jar – not to mention his torso in a Samsonite. Police opened the bag to find a six-foot-tall man, armed with a headlamp, some sort of sharp tool and a cell phone.

Both men are described as Polish nationals. It's unclear how many times they allegedly pulled off the crime.

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