Thirty Central Minnesotans have already won Dream Getaways of their own -- and went on once-in-a lifetime vacations. Now we start YOUR journey towards Dream Getaway #31. Where do you want to go?

What would be the trip of your dreams if money was no object? Hawaii? Italy? Disney with the family? Ireland? Australia? Here's how your dream comes true.

Listen to 98.1 Minnesota's New Country for unique entry codes every weekday at 7:20 AM, 10:20 AM, 1:20 PM and 5:20 PM and enter them online HERE before midnight each day. Each code is worth another entry. (I'd set reminders on my smartphone so I wouldn't miss any codes.)

Insider Tip:  On 'Three-For-All Thursdays' all codes are worth three entries each! (Plus, if you download our app and opt in for contest alerts, you'll get a 5th VIP code sent to your phone every Thursday worth three entries too.)

So there are a total of four entries possible every weekday, and I'm not that good at math, but on Thursdays it looks like the number of possible entries jumps to 15 -- all in just one day!

You decide WHERE you're going; you decide WHO'S going with you; you decide WHEN you're going. I wouldn't start packing yet, but I would look to make sure I know where my suitcases are.

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